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Amber O500

General information

Amber AHU is a mechanical AHU (heat recovery, air filtration and heating) for small cubic surfaces such as offices and shops.

The body of the device is filled with high quality mineral wool for good thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The device has an automatic monitoring and control system using the intuitive menu on the touch panel. It shows all required operating parameters such as temperature, filter quality, fan speed, heat recovery rate and fan operation. Amber complies with all EU eco-design standards * and guarantees the highest quality in operation. Recuperation makes the indoor climate much more comfortable. The filters protect the user from smoke, dust and smog.

Technical specifications

Rated air flow rate [m3/h] 500
Device dimensions H / B / C [mm] 730 / 750 / 610
Device weight [kg] 69
Connections to pipes [mm] 4 x Ø 160
Heat exchanger Rotor Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger efficiency [%]** 84
Inlet and
outlet exhaust fan
Input Power [W] 2 x 165
Power supply [V/Hz] 230 V / 50 Hz
Input current [A] 2 x 1,35
Air temperature [°C] -25 ÷ 50
Sound level*
Airflow in room 50 dB(A)
Airflow in the pipeline 66 dB / 60 dB(A)
Inlet and exhaust filter G4
Air Inlet Electric Heater [W] 2000
* Note: For maximum damping in the air system, it is recommended to use flexible couplings and install acoustic dampers on ducts and fans inlet boxes.
** Note: Data provided by the manufacturers of counter-current Heat exchangers according to EN 308 and EUROVENT.
*** Option F7 on fan for passive house.

Advantages of the management system

Quick selection of device operating modes

Smooth control of electric heater
I4.3 "touch panel with intuitive menu

Comfort and performance monitoring and control

Price: 2.541,00 € (VAT will be added to the price)

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